Living in an Active Adult Community

024_community-center027_community-centerYou may be at a point where you are thinking about retirement.  I work with many clients who are planning the next phase of their life, and many times an active adult community is the perfect match.

How will you know if it’s the right choice?  While there are many reasons people flock to these communities, I find that most people usually choose active adult communities for one specific reason.

Ask yourself these questions to see if one might resonate with you.  Not everyone chooses for the same reason, but age-qualified communities seem to meet many needs of retired (or almost retired) residents.

  1.  Would you enjoy a community of your peers?  In an active adult (or age-qualified) community, at least one occupant must be 55 or older and no occupants can be younger than 18.  You may have visitors under 18, but they cannot live there.028_indoor-pool
  2. Are you looking to meet new people or engage in activities?  You will have an opportunity to meet other people through the activities, fitness center or simply walking in the neighborhood.
  3. Would you want to live in an all single-story community?  One of the benefits of living in an age-restricted community is that there are no two story homes looming above!
  4. Are you planning to travel?  In these communities, some people travel or are snowbirds.  Neighbors watch out for your home.
  5. Do you like to go to the gym or take classes for exercise?  Most communities have state-of-the art fitness centers and classes for aerobic or yoga exercise.

For more information on the different communities in Las Vegas and Henderson, contact me directly.

To see homes in age-qualified communities in Henderson and Las Vegas, click the links below.

Henderson Age Qualifed (55+) Homes


Las Vegas Age Qualified (55+) Homes



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