Client Reviews

“You took the time to find out what my goals were. Thanks for learning what my comfort zone was so you could make recommendations that fit my parameters.”
– Rob C.

“You did everything you said in your presentation. Thank you so much for getting our home sold!”
– Walt and Linda M.

“Being so personable and committed to our needs gave us a sense of security in knowing you were going to be there for us through thick and thin…and that’s exactly what happened!”
– Shasta and Nathan T.

“I appreciated all the times you went out to bat for me without my having to ask! You had my trust and confidence. Thanks again for all your help!”
– Victoria L.

“Vicki – Thanks so much for all you have done to help us. You are a treasure!”
– Lisa and Cory A.

“We as a family will always be grateful to you for all you did on our behalf to sell my Father’s home.”
– Euince M.

“We are grateful for the amazing help, communication and support you gave to us while we were selling our home. It really meant so much to us. Thank you Vicki!”
– The Vincents

“Vicki, Thanks for hanging in there with me!”
– Phil D.